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Do you ever find yourself dreaming about beautiful homes you see online? Or feel inspired by your friend’s home and fall in love with their style, but not quite sure where to start? Then help is on its way! We’ve got five tried-and-tested tips to help you identify your dream interior design style and create an atmosphere you’ll love!

  1. Have a look at your wardrobe

    Naturally, style is something all of us have, and we all express it in different ways like in our personal fashion. Head to your wardrobe and take note of elements like colours and textures. Perhaps you have a linen shirt that you love? Interior design is no different. Taking inspiration from that well-loved shirt by adding luxurious linen curtains or upholstery to your home will enrich your space and elevate it to the next level.

  2. Take stock of what you’ve got

    A great place to start is by taking note of what’s already in your home. Take note of the elements such as furniture, décor, colours, and textures you love in your home, and list the ones that you’re not quite sure about. Your interior style is likely expressing itself in your home already. It could be time to incorporate more of what you love, and refresh what’s not working.

  3. Check out your social media feed

    If you’re the type of person who follows a-million-and-one accounts on social media, then doing a social media interior design crawl may be a good option for you! Browse through your favourite interior designer, furniture, and décor accounts (just to name a few), and create a list of accounts, photos, and styles that you really love. Sourcing ideas from great posts or scouting for amazing furniture that could change your home is a great source of inspiration.

  4. Step back for some perspective

    Have a think about the structure of your home. Is it modern, or more classical? Your interior design style may be heavily influenced from the bare bones of your space. If you reside near the beach, your home may be designed to suit the local environment and introducing elements like blue colour palettes and woody textures could upgrade your space.

    If your home is more contemporary, then furniture with cleaner lines and cooler lighting and colours could compliment your space.

  5. Get crafty with a vision board

    If you’re like us, you might have a bunch of print magazines laying around in your bookshelf. These magazines could be a wonderful source of inspiration for what you’re trying to achieve in your home. Why not set aside some time for a crafternoon? Grab the scissors, glue and paper and lay out some objects, textures, colours, and home-scapes that really speak to you. Alternatively, there are great digital platforms, so why not get browsing and create a new ideas book? It’ll be interesting to see how your personal style develops!

Let’s get styling!

Interior design inspiration can be drawn from many places and expressed in an endless number of ways. If you’re needing help in finding your style or have an interior design project that you want to get started with, then chat with our friendly and experienced team today here. We can guide you from conceptualisation to installation and beyond, plus have a range of products and services to refresh any space, no matter your budget or style.